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Who I am

I'm Konrad Figura. Although on the internet I'm mostly known as Athlon. I'm a freelance programmer and student at InHolland University of Applied Sciences.

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Restaurach Chapeau Ordering System
C# | Microsoft SQL | Figma
University group project, in which the task was to create a restaurant ordering system. I've designed and build ordering part of the system.

The user interface was first designed using Figma (left) with 7" tablet in mind, then it was translated to WinForms UI (right).
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Anarchy Tours
Another university project - this one for Web Markup class from first grade. It is not the prettiest design, but it followed the guidelines set by the teacher.
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Canal Tour
Figma | GIMP | Gravit Designer
A university project made for Web Design class during first grade. It portrays a design of a website that advertises Geemente Kaag en Brassem as a great plae to relax with a boat.
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Save Slots
C# | .NET | Unity3D
The first Mod Loader Pro only mod ever made. Adds save slots into the game, letting user have multiple saves per game.
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MSC Mod Loader Pro
C# | JavaScript | .NET | Unity3D | GIMP
The best Mod Loader for My Summer Car. I worked on mod auto updates, Mod Loader auto updates, NexusMods integration, as well as I made the logo, documentation website, Installer and landing page.
Athlon's Tweaks Pack
C# | .NET | Unity3D
A pack of tweaks that improves the overall experience of My Summer Car.
Beef Grunio
A 3 day coding challenge project. A remake of Gruniożerca Meta made with Beef language.
Modern Optimization Plugin
C# | .NET | Unity3D
A mod for My Summer Car game, which improves the game's performance. One of the most downloaded mods for MSC, with over 296 000 downloads!
Actual Mop
C# | .NET | Unity3D
A mod for My Summer Car game, which adds a functional mop.
MSC Music Manager
C# | .NET
A simple tool for My Summer Car Game which makes you life easier by automatically converting, naming and managing your music in the game.
Gruniożerca Meta Unity
C# | Unity3D
This is a small project of mine created at the end of 2018 holidays. It's a remake of a game made by Dark Archon from arhn.eu of a Gruniożerca Meta game made for Gamebuino Meta console.
The Top Notch Experience (April Fools 2018)
C# | .NET
An April Fools joke which adds fake notch to your computer.
VMT Engine
C# | .NET
A tool which would let users to change F1 Challenge VMT mods settings like tires type, languages, etc.
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Formula 1 VMT Mods
C# | Adobe Premiere | GIMP | Audacity
I took a part in making of 4 VMT mods for F1 Challenge '99-'02 game from 2014 to 2016 (and unreleased 2017 mod). I've helped create F1 2014 VMT, F1 2014 VMT - F1 2002 Edition, F1 2015 VMT and F1 2016 VMT.
Super Fernando Bros
HTML5 | JavaScript
Small game made for 2017 April Fools. Basically it's the Super Mario Bros' first world with new sprites 🙂 The game made it to formula.hu website.
Jakubek's Mobile App
A mobile app made for a YouTuber Jakubek120.
REMBUD Website
HTML | CSS | JavaScript
A website of now defunct construction company.

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